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Insulated Winding Wires
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UL Category Code and File Number
Be Alert to Similar misleading Wires!
Recognized in Sony Green Book(2005/09/07)
Updated Safety Approval (2005/06/20)
Updated Insulation Systems for UL1446 (2005.06.20)
RoHS compliant mark on the cardboard box. (2005/07/25)

UL Certification of TEX-E Series Wires Category Shift on TEX-E
The UL certifications of TEX-E Series Wires are in transition: they were recertified under the service of UL Subjects 2353, as of April, 2000. Note No.1696 of Log-in (for Technical Support).
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Be careful of Similar Misleading Wires!
Other similar wires are on the market which can be confused with TEX-E. They are neither in accordance with most safety standards, nor supported by most certification authorities.
On the left is an overview of a similar product (insulation and conductor) currently on the market, and on the right is its cross section. They may seem familiar to you because of the colour and general appearance (such as a strong resemblance to some model of TEX-E series). This wire product shown above seems to above provide three (3) Nylon insulation layers on a "Polyurethane" enamelled magnet wire with EFTE. You should note that the nylon and the polyurethane are unqualified to form "Solid Insulation" in any way, which the safety standards require for the making of "Triple Insulated Winding Wire."
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Recognized in Sony Green Book
GB number is as follows. Also the ICP data of hazardous substances in RoHS can download form Technical Support.
TEX-E M2610001
TEX-ELZ M2610002
TEX-ECEW3 M2610003
FSX-E M2610004
FWX-E M2610005
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Updated Safety Approval
TEX Series meet to IEC 60950-1 : 2001 and IEC 60065 7th : 2001. Their details are described in the Safey Standards.
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Insulation Systems for UL1446
As you know, when operation temperatures of the wound components exceed Class A (105C), it is required in accordance with appropriated Insulation System UL 1446/IEC 61857 regardless of temperature rating of each materials/wires. The object of EIS is to evaluate the endurance/life-time with chemical interaction of wound component, not of wire itself.
Please note that this EIS is not the specification of TEX series wires, nor does it guarantee the performance of the wound components using our wires. Whether or not a wound component using TEX-E meet the performance depends on the design and wounding conditions of that component; so that the clients are kindly requested to experiment yourself for confirmation of the actual component.

Table 1. UL 1446 EIS including TEX series wires
System Holder UL File No. System Temperature / Model
B (130 C)
Furukawa Electric E230451 FIS-B1, FIS-B3
Hitachi Chemical E150003 HIS-8A
P.D. George E81777 Dash 2 B-19
P.LEO E200050 B89
Sumitomo Bakelite E209189 SBI4.1
Note 1. Above Insulation Systems may be provided as free by each holder who is manufacturer of insulation materials.
Note 2. Their contact information is informed in our website Manufacturing Partners. Then, the details will be provided with additional information by each holder.

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RoHS compliant mark on the cardboard box.
We have displayed RoHS compliant mark since Jul. 25, 2005. (We don’t put the mark on inventory.)

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