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Insulated Winding Wires
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Unique methodology enables the Furukawa high-frequency insulated wires to realize more compact, more efficient and less costly transformers. Ready to respond to every class requirement for heat resistance!

Triple Insulated Wire
Features of Triple Insulated Wire "TEX-E"
Triple Insulated WireStandard Type TEX-E
Equipped with three insulation layers of solderable, modified polyester, heat resistant resin and polyamide resin [our own technology]
Standard Type

Triple Insulated WireSelf-Bonding Type TEX-ECEW3
Equipped with a self-bonding layer which covers the outer surface of the standard type TEX-E wire so that it can create a bobbin less coil
Self-bonding Type

Triple Insulated WireLitz Type TEX-ELZ
Equipped with three layers of insulation on the outer surface, which enable it to cope with high frequencies
Litz Type

Supplementary Insulation Winding Wire
Supplementary Insulation Winding WireFWX-E
Fine insulation wire with enhanced insulation for telecommunication transformers Basic
Supplementary Insulation Winding Wire

Basic Insulated Winding Wire
Basic Insulated Winding WireFSX-E
Fine insulation wire with basic insulation for telecommunication transformers
Basic Insulated Winding Wire

Application layout
Check up on each type of winding wire for heat resistance or specific application as contrasted with others.

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